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Welcome to the Ohio Revaluation
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The information in the site will answer many of your questions about Ohio's property valuation process, property tax reductions and exemptions, and many of the tasks for which the County Auditor is responsible.

If you have additional questions about the topics on this site, please contact your County Auditor.


The Process
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A property owner has three opportunities to appeal their property’s estimated fair market value.


1.      The first opportunity is by participating in an Informal Hearing with the County’s appraiser.


2.      The second opportunity is through a formal appeal to the County’s Board of Revision.


3.      The final opportunity (after the written Board of Revision decision has been received by the property’s owner) is filing a formal appeal to the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals.

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Revaluation : Procedures
Revaluation Sales Analysis
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Sales analysis is a vital component of determining market values during both a Triennial Update and a Revaluation.

The Auditor examines the specifics of properties in each property class (residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial and exempt) that sold during the last three-year period. He/she then looks for patterns of sales within the various neighborhoods throughout the county.

The Auditor uses this information, in part, when deciding if the current neighborhood boundaries (which were set during the last Triennial Update or Revaluation) should remain the same, or be redrawn based on what the sales patterns indicate.

This information also assists the Auditor in setting the land and building valuation schedules.

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Revaluation : Procedures
Steps in Determining Estimated Market Value
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Click the link below to view the steps in determining a property's estimated market value.

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Revaluation : Procedures
Mass Appraisal Revaluation Steps
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Click the article link for more information about the steps in the mass appraisal process.

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